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    The few more steps that you need to climb to reach Villa Luce will be immediately forgotten when entering the Villa. The impressive decoration, the endless space, the hidden backyard, the big Living room with it's separe' where the one double bed has the luck to be, the fully fully equipped kitchen, the bathroom and the front terrace overlooking the bay, the village and the Aegean sea are just the ground floor. A wooden staircase leads to the two bedrooms upstairs, the second bathroom and an even bigger terrace/balcony with a beautiful view all around the island and the sea. Villa Luce is undoubtedly a beautiful house with character.

    The welcome letter of Magda, the actress of our family and her parents Lucia and Pavlos, owners of Villa Luce is representing the spirit of the owners and for what you can expect while visiting Villa Luce and Halki. 

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    Thank you very much for coming to Chalki and choosing the Villa Luce for your holidays. Please treat this as your own home, freely and above all joyfully. By the second or third day, you'll be feeling the rare emotion called “happiness”.

    In contrast to almost all tourist accommodation in Greece, you will find no air conditioning here. Open the windows and create the right conditions for a natural cool draught. But don't forget to always lower the screens to protect you from flies and mosquitoes. You will also find no satellite TV or internet connection. I believe you've come to this small island for something completely different. So, early in the morning or, even better, late in the afternoon, be sure to take a stroll as far as the old ruined village, climb up to the castle and wander even further afield. You will see the wisdom with which the inhabitants of times past organised their farming, ensuring plentiful food on this arid island. Today it produces nothing.

    There are four options for a swim in the sea: walk down to the beach directly below the villa, taking the narrow alleyways between the houses (‘stis Tsandoùs’), or go to ‘Ftenàgia’, or ‘Pòndamos’, also within walking distance. There is a fourth beach, ‘Khània’, five minutes' drive away. You can arrange with the driver to bring you back. All the beaches are lovely and the sea is clean.

    Please, please save water. All the island's water comes from a desalination plant, a last resort. Unfortunately the plant also produces large amounts of salt, which is difficult to dispose of. It's better to drink bottled water. The best quality is that from Crete (‘Zaròs’ and ‘Roùvas’) and it's not expensive. To bring your water bottles and other shopping up to the villa, you can call Andreas with his motor-tricycle (tel. no. 0030-6947-573308). For 5 euros he'll even carry it into the kitchen for you. You can eat at the tavernas in the Piazza, it's easy to spot the best ones. Try the fava (split peas), a delicious, light yet filling dish.

    Another request: please don't open the umbrellas on the verandas if it's very windy, as they might fly away. When you do open them, always tie the rope to the wooden balcony railing.

    If there's a power cut, take one of the small electric lights you'll find plugged in in each room. They last for over an hour. A power cut in the evening will allow you to enjoy the starry night sky and the beautiful sight of the Milky Way flowing across the heavens. When the power returns, please plug the lights back in to charge.

    If you want hot water, you need to turn on the immersion heater. The switch is upstairs, in the small fusebox in the first room at the top of the stairs. ALWAYS SWITCH IT OFF BEFORE USING THE HOT WATER.

    Protect yourself from the sun and sunburn when swimming in the sea. You really need to wear a hat. There's no reason to miss even a single day of your holiday. There's a good doctor on the island who can handle any health problems.

    There is no theft or crime on the island so far, but take your money and valuables with you when you're going out. Better safe than sorry.

    In the villa you'll find quality rakì (grappa or aquavite), made from organic grapes of the Malvasia Aromatica variety. We make it on our farm in Crete for our own use, so it's not available on the market. In Greece, rakì is not drunk as a digestif but as an accompaniment to a light afternoon or evening meal (tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, melon, watermelon, rusks, just a bit of each). Try it chilled on the veranda in the evening – of course it's absolutely free.

    Finally, for your morning coffee I recommend the back courtyard, even though you can't see the sea. There's a delightful morning breeze there. 

  • Class
    • Lux
    Sleeps up to..
    • 6 persons
    • Left side
    • Sea View opposite
  • Kitchen and Livingroom
    • Open plan Kitchen with dining and living area
    • Terrace
    • Free WiFi Internet 24 MB
  • Cleaning
    • Price includes cleaning every 4 days
    • Prices in Euros per night
      April: 100
      May: 110
      June: 120
      July: 140
      August: 180
      September: 140
      October: 100

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